Ear Candling with facial massage       

Ear candling is a multicultural process used over thousands of years to enhance and maintain proper function of the ear. This process is able to soften ear wax, dry out excess fluids in the ear canal; "swimmer's ear",  relieve pain and itching from infections (including sinus and yeast), and can assist in improved hearing.

Disposable hollow "candles" are made from strips of linen dipped in beeswax in a spiral roll. The narrow end of this funnel is gently placed in the outer ear canal while the wider end is lit, creating a warm drawing effect. The heat and smoke are soothing and the process is relaxing.

The candle has a protective disc for safety and the client either sits, or lies on their side through the process.

A facial and sinus massage is incorporated into the session to assist lymph flow and drainage. This massage also relaxes the muscles surrounding the ear, the jaw, the soft tissues of the scalp, and works the sinus points.

This process can greatly aid the normal bodily process of cleansing the ear and maintaining optimal ear function.

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