Energy Spa           

The Energy Spa Footbath is a safe and effective technology created to assist the body in cleansing and detoxifying and increasing the body's natural energy reservoir. It works to stimulate healing and regeneration, and to balance metabolism and the energy meridians. By giving the body a "biocharge" boost, the Energy Spa helps restore the body's systems to optimal function and health.

Our bodies have a signature electromagnetic frequency, unique to us as our own fingerprint. The Energy spa picks up this frequency and feeds it back to us through the conductive medium of water in the bath. These energy field interactions are synergistic, recognized as organic, and flood the body with "life force" energy to our cellular level.

The human body, when experiencing stagnation can hold onto toxins, including heavy metals and environmental toxins, along with the body's own bio-wastes including lactic acid, uric acid, ammonium...

The Energy Spa has had great success with mobilizing and releasing toxins, assisting homeostasis, and increasing overall physical energy.

"This vital energy has a tendency towards equilibrium... as this energy flows within us, we too have a natural tendency towards equilibrium"~P. Wildish

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