The Acuspark is a hand held instrument which uses piezioelectric energies to normalize the muscular, electric, and nerve fiber systems of the body. It is used over acupuncture points, trigger points and motor nerve points.

It is effective in releasing spasm and tissue congestion and increasing lymph flow and blood circulation.

The Acuspark is non-polarizing and stimulates the release of natural opiates including endorphins for pain relief.

Acutherapy theorizes that a buildup of static electricity on the walls of the lymph vessels restricts the normal flow of lymphatic fluids, resulting in stagnation and a build up of toxins. The Acuspark  produces energy that is able to neutralize this static electricity and return the system's functions to normal.

"Universal life energy" is a benevolent, all pervading absolute force, which can bring health and vitality to the body, mind and spirit" ~P Wildish

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