Percussion/Vibration Therapy       

The Vibracussor is a percussion/vibration devise that works to release soft tissue and fascial restrictions deep to their attachments without risking trauma to the muscles by "digging too deep". Tissues become malleable and lengthen,  spasms are released, and circulation is improved through the once congested area.

Fascia is the connective tissue that permeates the body from head to toe. Fascia and bone carry electrical "piezio-electric" currents that are stimulated with movement. When the body's tissues are congested and stagnant, the body's electrical fields are effected also.

Vibration increases the motility of the fibers along with the piezio-electric currents and bioenergetic fields.

The Vibracussor utilizes variants of Shumann's resonance (7.83 HZ), which is identical to the geomagnetic frequency of the earth.

The Vibracussor is gentle, non invasive, and a excellent adjunct to therapeutic massage.

"All facets of human life, our physical health, mental alertness, and emotional stability are conditioned by the levels and flow of ch'i" ~P. Wildish

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