Tuning Forks/Sound Frequency        

A tuning fork is a calibrated, anodized aluminum instrument with two distinct prongs, which creates a specific tone when gently struck.

There are many varying techniques in the use of tuning forks, yet the intention is the same; to assist the body in balancing and healing.

When two forks are tapped together, their sound waves and overtones travel deep into the body. This depth affects physiology that is not easily accessed.

Their  resonance and vibration balances and enhances the body's subtle energy fields. They work on the physical level to harmonize  biochemical, metabolic, nerve and brain function.

There are many sets and systems of tuning forks, some of which are attuned to the fourteen acupuncture meridians  of the body. Tuning forks used over acupuncture points provide noninvasive access to the core energetic system and it's corresponding glands, organs and tissues.

Tuning Forks and Sound Frequency Therapy address the states of consciousness known as the brain wave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. When two sounds meet, they create a third tone, called a binaural beat. This binaural beat is heard as a pulsation, and gently signals the brain to shift into a different state of consciousness. This is beneficial for those who are experiencing prolonged stress and are unable to shift easily from a high alertness mind state (Beta) into relaxed awareness and creativity (Alpha) or meditation (Theta) or deep sleep (Delta).

The hemispheres of the brain can become imbalanced with intense left brain linear thinking and processing, without the right brain creative, spacial, intuitive processes being involved. Sound frequencies can bring the hemispheres into their ideal balanced state.

This gentle technique can dissipate physical and energetic stagnation, and is often experienced as deeply relaxing to the receiver.

 "This vibrating energy is converted into electromagnetic pulses via the bones and connective tissues... these have piezoelectric properties which are able to transform and transmit the healing energy of sound to the organs that require rebalancing." ~P Wildish

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