Flower Essences            

A flower essence or flower remedy is typically made by infusing flowers suspended in spring water with sunlight.

The sun's rays pass through the flower allowing the water to absorb the energy and essence of that particular flower. Each flower has its own properties and qualities known to positively enhance the emotional, mental and spiritual states of the recipient.

The remedys are either taken orally with drops, or applied topically.

Flower Essences are living energetic medicine. Their use is ancient in practice and  spans many cultures. Paracelsus was recorded to have collected dew from certain flowers to treat the emotional imbalances of his patients.

In the 1930's Dr. Edward Bach, an English homeopathic physician, brought awareness to the benefits of flower essences and their abilities to aid emotional conditions. These conditions include depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, stress, and negative moods. He believed that these negative mental and emotional states can lead to physical disease if unattended.

 These essences can bring clarity to the conscious mind, help resolve negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and act as catalysts to unlock our inherent positive soul qualities such as love, courage and joy.

Recipients often report an immediate shift in their frame of mind, as if a veil or cloud has lifted.

The Bach Flower Essence 'Rescue Remedy' has been used successfully for decades for relief from shock and trauma in adults, children and animals.

"Frequency + Intension= Healing" ~Jonathan Goldman

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