Energy Healing    

The Yuen Method is an energetic technique that blends eastern wisdom and healing practices with western knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and quantum physics.

Oftentimes with western medicine, symptoms are addressed, omitting the underlying cause, especially when there are mental, emotional, psychological, and/or subconscious components involved. Patients are often told to manage their pain when drugs and surgery have not been of help.

In the east, pain is seen as a symptom of a deeper issue. There is something out of balance with the flow of energy in the body causing the manifestation of a physical condition. The Yuen Method identifies the deeper core issue and makes it possible to clear and correct the energy imbalances that keep us from manifesting our highest potential.

Finding and eliminating the root cause of the issue makes it possible to release the physical symptoms along with emotional issues, mental stressors, fears, phobias, and limitations.

Humans are unique, multidimensional beings with multiple levels of consciousness. What we say and think are not always what our subconscious supports. Until all levels of consciousness support our thoughts, we may encounter blocks to achieving our goals and optimal health.

Through aligning all levels of consciousness, our true intended state of being can be experienced. Our birthright of health, prosperity,  a vibrant life with inspiring relationships, inner peace and spiritual connection is possible.

When we energetically find the root cause of the imbalance, the real healing can take place. Our body, mind and spirit exist in harmony.

"My daughter Jasmine is 6 years old and in first grade, she has been struggling with her reading for the past year. The last school year Jasmine didn't even move up a reading level. We tried every suggestion the school had offered and nothing was working. Summer school was suggested to try to help improve her reading. Susan did a combination of CranioSacral and her other energy therapy on Jasmine. She went for her first session and she absolutely loved it!!! The school tested her two weeks later and Jasmine had moved up two reading levels! Then after her last follow up appointment the next day she was tested and again moved up one more level! After a year of struggling, I feel truly blessed to have found something that finally worked! Jasmine no longer is struggling with her reading and is now enjoying it. "
~Diana P Town: Longmont
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