Happy Holidays from Mountain Spirit Healing Arts Center!

Whats New?    Nutrition!

Mountain Spirit Healing Arts welcomes
Dr. Kay Patterson NAMD, BMD.
Dr. Kay has specialized in the health and wellness of the brain, endocrine system, and digetstive system for over 20 years. Her therapies include HRV Scans, Light Therapy, Auriculotherapy, Nutrition, Natural Medicine, and detoxing programs.

Using the biofeedback of the HRV Scan, Dr. Kay provides clients with a visual map of how their body is functioning. After the use of therapy tools, there is an immediate revised scan illustrating what has shifted, and how therapy, nutrition and life style modifications have enhanced overall health and wellbeing. A great before and after picture of the new you!  If you have not experienced this powerful technology, come try it!

This year we welcomed Doug Dewey PT to our center.
Doug brings over 40 years of experience in Physical Therapy Rehabilitation and the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain. His specialization is the gentle manual technique know as Strain and Counterstrain, addressing restrictions of the muscles, joints, viscera, dural, and fascia. This technique treats the entire bodies neural, muscular, vascular, visceral, and muscular fascial systems. Doug is known in the community for his ability to help people who have not responded to other therapies. Doug is a great addition to Mountain Spirit!

Speaking of new additions, Congratulations to Deborah Lief Kroeger on the birth of her baby boy, Kai! Deborah will be returning to Mountain Spirit in January, resuming her Massage Therpy practice. Sweet!
Other landmarks include our little Blue House turning 110 years young this year! It's warm character and charm are appreicated by many.
Susan Mara is celebrating her 30th year as a Massage Therapist! She is also awaiting her certification as a Matrix Entergetics Practitioner to add to her wholistic approach to health and wellness.
Matirx Energetics is a technology based on the principles of Quantum Physics, Unified Field and Torsion Physics, tapping into the morphic field of infinite potential for enhancing all areas of life; health, career, relationships, and finances. I am exited to be involved with this amazing life changing work.

Holiday Specials

Susan Mara's Holiday Specials include
$10 savings on the following sessions:

90 Aromatherapy Massage Reg. $100 - $90
Your choice of essential oils for a deeply relaxing experience. Calming Lavendar is a favorite!

Craniosacral Reg. $80 - $70
Calms the central nervous system, relaxes TMJ, encourages a Theta brainwave state of rejuvenation and regeneration, and unwinds dural tension.

One hour Massage plus Light Therapy
Reg. $105 - $95

90 minutes Massage plus Light Therapy
Reg. $120 - $110

Light Therapy is a beautiful addition to Massage. The five light pads are placed on the body through the second half of your massage session. Light Therapy increases circulation, ATP production, Nitric Oxide production (the miracle molecule), balances metabolism, decreases pain and spasm and can be pulsed at the specific frequencies of muscle, tendon, bone, inflammation... including a de-stress setting-B for Bliss.

Also available: Light Therapy 5 pack
(five 30 minute sessions)
Reg. $225 - $ 200 (a $25 savings)

1 hour Massage Reg. $75 - $70




Team Mountain Spirit!

Here at Mountain Spirit we have 6 Massage Therapists, 4 Energy Practisioners, 3 Acupunturists, 2 Cranioscral Therapists, (...and a PT in a pear tree! Ha! Kidding.)

Please check with our Therapists for their individual Holiday Special pricing.

Jennifer Knowles is offering a de-stress Chakra Balancing Special through December.

Angie Rio is offering a Buy One regular priced massage and get a gift certificate Half price for a friend, loved one.

Donna Salemink is offering Buy One get one Free sessions in Access Consciousness engertic body work.


We are so grateful for the wonderful Therapists sharing space here at Mountain Spirit.
Wishing everyone a Lovefilled Joyful Season!

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Happy Holidays from Susan Mara
and Mountain Spirit Healing Arts!